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Information for Music DealersInformation for Music Dealers

To be a distribution partner of the world's largest sheet music database means...

  • To take advantage of the offers of all publishers including background information.
  • To appear in a list of dealers that customers can choose from when making their orders. The order will then be forwarded to you.
  • To save the costs of creating your own database or to complement an existing database.
  • To find corresponding information quickly and reliably in your own company and to print sample scores.
  • To be able to choose what kinds of works should be forwarded to you (e.g. only concert band works, all works except choir literature, only a certain publisher, all publishers except a certain one; etc.)
As a distribution partner you should fulfill the following conditions:

You are interested in increasing your sales without having your stock overflow. At the same time you want to gain new customers and deliver your wares outside your normal market. Orders will be quickly and reliably procured and delivered. You have your own terms of business and make them available to the customer. You declare in your business correspondence that you are a distribution partner of

What information do we need from you?

Business address, contacts (telephone, fax, e-mail address, etc.), general trading conditions

What costs do you incur as a distribution partner?

The yearly distributor partnership is EUR 100/USD 100.

For orders forwarded we charge the following fees per work:
Sheets Class 0 (up to € 11,-): € 0,-
Sheets Class 1 (from € 11,- to € 44,-): € 1,-
Sheets Class 2 (from € 44,- to € 110,-): € 4,-
Sheets Class 3 (from € 110,- to € 220,-): € 8,-
Sheets Class 4 (from € 220,-): € 12,-
CD: € 0,-

All sheets are assigned these fees according to their retail price.
For minimum order quantities (choral music), the total value of each work is assigned the corresponding class.
For collections (each part published separately, e.g. concert/wind band), the total value of each part is assigned the corresponding class.

As a distribution partner you are a member of the non-profit organization and therefore have access to all information.
We make available the purchasing addresses of publishers unknown to you as well as all other information and sources necessary for an orderly delivery as needed.

As a distribution partner you receive a contract that you can cancel at any time. We cancel only if you leave the organization or if serious deficiencies against our members and customers repeatedly occur.

What else would you call this service besides a strong partnership.
Contact us. - that's the future!
Tel.: +43 6133 81472
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