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Capitolinus - click for larger image
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Capitolinus - Sample sheet music
Sample sheet music
Title Capitolinus
Article no. 4003202
Category Concert/wind/brass band
Subcategory Overture (original composition)
Instrumentation Ha (concert/wind band)
Format PrtStm (full score and parts)
Country of publication Netherlands (nl)
Publisher * Tierolff-Muziekcentrale, 4700 BD Roosendaal
Year of publication 2012
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Composer Muck, Daniel
Difficulty level 2+
Evaluation level of countries A2 (Austrian B level); C2 (Swiss 3rd class); DJ
Duration 6:55
Additional info/contents After an "Adagio" introduction, in which the orchestra can balance its sound, the main theme is introduced in the second "Allegro" part. Effective arrangements in balanced register play and tutti passages alternate. The conclusion programmatically describes a sunset, thus the piece ends ... in majestic fortissimo! (mhug)
Sample sheet music Sample sheet music click here
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Available yes yes
Programme notes *: additional text

Marcus Manlius Capitolinus (died 384 BC) was consul of the Roman Republic in 392 BC. He was the brother of Aulus Manlius Capitolinus. The Manlii were a patrician gens. During the Gallic siege of Rome in 390 (or 387) BC, the account of which became partly mythologized, Marcus Manlius held out for months with a small garrison on the citadel (arx), while the rest of Rome was abandoned. When Gauls under the command of Brennus were attempting to scale the Capitoline, Manlius was roused by the cackling of the sacred geese, rushed to the spot, and threw down the foremost assailants.

After the sack of Rome left the plebeians in pitiful condition, they were forced to borrow large sums of money from the patricians, and once again became the poor debtor class of Rome. Manlius, the hero of Rome, fought for them. Livy says, with some inaccuracy, that he was the first patrician to act as a populist (popularis). Seeing a centurion led to prison for debt, he freed him with his own money, and even sold his estate to relieve other poor debtors, while he accused the Senate of embezzling public money. He was charged with aspiring to kingly power, and condemned by the comitia, but not until the assembly had adjourned to a place outside the walls, where they could no longer see the Capitol which he had saved. The Senate condemned him to death in 385 BC, and he was thrown from the Tarpeian Rock one year later. He is considered the second martyr in the cause of social reform at Rome.

Quelle/Source: Wikipedia

Capitolinus - the rescue of the Capitol (387 BC). In the beginning there is peace and quiet in Rome, but Gallic troops approach and want to advance to the Capitol. Beside the soldiers there were also a flock of geese, because they were holy to the goddess Juno. According to tradition, the Gauls tried to storm the Capitol at night, but before the first Gaul could climb it, the holy geese screamed so loudly to Junos that all the Romans immediately woke up and saved the Capitol.

Quelle/source: Tierolff
Capitolinus - click here Capitolinus (concert/wind band), full score and parts
Capitolinus - click here Capitolinus (concert/wind band), full score
Capitolinus, extra instrumental part
Capitolinus (concert/wind band), 3 Scores (for Jury at Festials)
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