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Sheet music/scoresSheet music/scores
Outback - click for larger image
click for larger image
Title Outback
Article no. 4037401
Category Concert/wind/brass band
Subcategory Original contemporary music (20th, 21st century)
Instrumentation Ha (concert/wind band)
Format PrtStm (full score and parts)
Country of publication Switzerland (ch)
Publisher * Mitropa
Publisher's article no. * M 1742-10-010
Delivery publisher * Hal Leonard Europe
Series title Concertwork Series
EAN (GTIN) * 9790035033678
ISMN * 979-0-03503367-8
Year of publication 2010
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Composer Doss, Thomas
Difficulty level 5
Evaluation level of countries A4 (Austrian D level); EJ
Duration 12:00
Additional info/contents I. Aboriginal Spirit
II. Primeval Sound and Dreamtime
III. Running Hunter
IV. Uluru (Red Rock)
V. Encounter with the White Men
VI. Bushfire

PflichtstŘck des ÍBV 2013-2014 Leistungsstufe E
OÍBV-Selbstwahlliste 2014 Stufe D
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Available yes yes
Programme notes *: additional text


The Aboriginal indigenous people of Australia are among the oldest surviving human cultures. The arrival of the Europeans marked their decline and endangered their existence. the many secrets the Aborigines hold served as inspiration for this work. The use of original Aborigines instruments, like Clapsticks, Bullroarer, Didgeridoo and Emu Caller turns Outback into an intense and esciting musical experience.

Aboriginal Spirit
Over many centuries, the Aboriginal people have cultivated a unique ability to live in harmony with the world around them. Maintaining the delicate balance between their trinity - nature, man, and creation - is an important factor for bliss and happiness.

Primeval Sound und Dreamtime
The tens-of-thousand-year-old stories from the era called Dreamtime - the Aborigines' creation myth - play an important role only their beliefs, but their everyday lives and laws as well. Ancestral worship and various other rituals and ceremonies are still held in high regard to this very day.

Running Hunter
The Aborigines are extremely skilful hunters and are able to run for extended periods of time when cashing their prey. Hunting weapons, such as the boomerang, exemplify their abilities.

Uluru (Red Rock)
Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, is a natural sandstone "inselberg" rising 348m above Australian's plains, and is one of the country's most recognisable icons. Uluru is also a sacred place for the local Aborigines. Its history stretches back to Dreamtime, although it did not exist in its current state at that time.

Encounter with the White Men
Unfortunately, the "White Men" did not realize the significance and importance of the Aborigines and their culture until the end of the 20th century. Before then, they were unaware that the Aborigines were quite possibly one of the oldest known cultures on earth, with a seamless history stretching back to creation itself; Dreamtime.

Fire has been present on the Australian continent for millions of years. Many of the indigenous flora and fauna have needed to adapt to fire, and evolution has led to unique solutions for survival. Over time, a complex symbiotic relationship has grown between life and the continually returning bushfire.
Outback - click here Outback (concert/wind band), full score and parts
Outback - click here Outback (concert/wind band), full score
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download Click here to download individual tracks or entire album at iTunes
Symphony in Green: Thomas Doss (A Composer's Portrait) - click here Symphony in Green: Thomas Doss (A Composer's Portrait), 3 compact discs

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