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Caverna Ursorum - click for larger image
click for larger image
Caverna Ursorum - Sample sheet music
Sample sheet music
Title Caverna Ursorum
Article no. 4046104
Category Concert/wind/brass band
Subcategory Concert music
Instrumentation Ha (concert/wind band)
Format PrtStm (full score and parts)
Country of publication Austria (at)
Publisher * Herrma Musikverlag, 8680 Mürzzuschlag
Year of publication 2012
Composer Marinkovits, Herbert
Difficulty level 2
Evaluation level of countries A2 (Austrian B level); DJ
Duration 5:30
Additional info/contents "Caverna Ursorum" (The Bear Cave) is a commissioned composition by the Winden am See/Bgld music association and its director Gerald Hoffmann on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the association in 2005.

Flt 1,2
Clr 1,2,3
ASax 1,2

Flh 1,2
Trp 1,2
Hrn in F 1,2,3
Trb in C 1,2 (BC)
Trb in Bb 1,2 (BC+TC)
Brt in C (BC)
Brt in Bb (BC+TC)
Tub in C 1,2

Sample sheet music Sample sheet music click here
Sample score * Sample score click here
Sound sample *
Video sample *
Available yes yes
Programme notes *: additional text

The title refers to a cave northwest of the village of Winden, which was probably formed in the Pannonium. It is the only cave in Burgendland with findings of an ice-age cave fauna. Among other things, bone remains of a cave bear were found during excavations from 1929 to 1931. The composition is divided into several sections and thus tells the fictional story of this cave bear.
At the beginning of "Ice Age" we are whisked away into a long gone time. Our bear roams lonely through his territory in the area of today's winds. From a safe distance he observes the people who have settled here, who with their mystical songs and ritual dances want to make the gods well-disposed for the bear hunt "Incantation Of the Gods", (invocation of the gods). The men leave the village community and set out on the hunt. For the bear it is now high time to get to safety. But where to? There are many men and they have torches and spears. They have discovered the bear and are getting closer and closer to the animal "The Hunting". Chased by his pursuers and finally badly injured, the bear manages to hide in a cave, but the wounds inflicted on him are too severe and so he finally dies in this cave "Death in the Cave". His skeleton will bear witness in many thousands of years that he once roamed the area around winds at the lake.

Performance Notes:
About the instruments used: To create the appropriate tuning, the present composition prescribes the use of stones (Stones) and an anvil. If it is not possible to find these sound generators, it is possible to replace the stones with claves and the anvil with a glockenspiel. The metal bars of the glockenspiel must be damped with a cloth to prevent them from resonating too long. The glockenspiel is then played with two small metal hammers, one octave apart, as high as possible.

Quelle/Source: Herbert Marinkovits, Komponist


Rivers and lakes

Animal and insects

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Caverna Ursorum - click here Caverna Ursorum (concert/wind band), full score and parts
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