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Flash Encounter (An intergalactical Love Story) - click for larger image
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Title Flash Encounter (An intergalactical Love Story)
Article no. 4081519
Category Concert/wind/brass band
Subcategory Concert music
Instrumentation Ha (concert/wind band)
Format PrtStm (full score and parts)
Country of publication Austria (at)
Publisher * Herrma Musikverlag, 8680 Mürzzuschlag
Composer Marinkovits, Herbert
Difficulty level 4
Evaluation level of countries A3 (Austrian C level); SJ
Additional info/contents A very effective piece that exploits all possible shades in the wind orchestra. The varied instrumentation and the different characters of the individual sections result in an interesting composition for concerts or rating games.
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Available yes yes
Programme notes *: additional text

Dani and Halo two big friends from the Andromeda Nebula are working as usual one Wednesday afternoon in their galaxy burger shack on the interstellar highway M100. Suddenly a sleek pink spaceship appears from the vastness of space and stops at their place. Babs and Sophy two saucy representatives of a remote quasar are on their way to their all-inclusive holiday on one of Jupiter's moons and terribly hungry. "How about some french fries?" asks Babs and has already disappeared into the burger joint. "Hurry up", says Sophy, "we're already two light weeks late anyway because of the strong galactic headwind. We're going to miss the welcome cocktail."
"Oh, a spider!" Babs' arachnophobia is completely gone. She's petrified. No problem, Halo jumps out from behind the bar in one leap and turns the spider into mush with a few well-aimed kicks. Babs' and Halo's eyes meet for fractions of a glance, but that's enough. Mrs Rogers had predicted it to Halo, the spiral nebulae would be in perfect conjunction with Maghellan's Cloud, as far as his love life is concerned, of course. "I believe this is what is called love at first sight", Sophy said, having already given up hope for the cocktail. From the jukebox romantic music sounds out, Babs and Halo forget the world around them. "Man Babs move, we must go on" Sophy murmurs and pulls Babs at his jacket, "the galaxies are calling for us. Actually, Babs wanted to stay a little longer, but somehow the moons of Jupiter had something for themselves. "Why don't you just come with me?" Sophy says to Halo. No sooner said than done. A quick little throttle up and out into space. "Oh, no!" Dani is justifiably angry, because he stays alone with his burgers, while in the pink spaceship Sophy, Babs and Halo are on their way on the freshly paved Milky Way, always watching Saturn set.

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