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Sheet music/scoresSheet music/scores
Dream of Freedom, The - click for larger image
click for larger image
Dream of Freedom, The - Sample sheet music
Sample sheet music
Title Dream of Freedom, The
Article no. 98056827
Category Concert/wind/brass band
Subcategory Original contemporary music (20th, 21st century)
Instrumentation Ha (concert/wind band)
Format PrtStm (full score and parts)
Country of publication Austria (at)
Publisher * Herrma Musikverlag, 8680 Mürzzuschlag
Year of publication 2004
Composer Marinkovits, Herbert
Difficulty level 4+
Evaluation level of countries A4 (Austrian D level); SJ
Additional info/contents Commissioned compositions for the Vienna Police Music.
The theme of the composition is the historical figure of the Scottish freedom fighter Sir William Wallace, but the piece is mainly based on the plot of the Mel Gibson film, which won several Oscars.
Sample sheet music Sample sheet music click here
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Programme notes *: additional text

The music begins with two short chords, so to speak "curtain up". Immediately a picture is drawn of the Scottish highlands. Rising wafts of mist, magnificent castles and green hills. On one of these hills a wandering rhapsode plays his flute and conjures up a long time ago.
Scotland in the 13th century. William Wallace secretly marries his mistress Murron (Murron's Song), who is killed shortly afterwards by the English occupying forces. Wallace swears revenge. He declares war on the British Crown and leads a motley army of farmers and landowners into a seemingly hopeless battle (The Battle of Sterling), from which he emerges victorious and is knighted by the Scottish nobles.
Edward I. of England recognizes in Wallace a dangerous opponent and so he sends his daughter-in-law, the French princess Isabelle, as a mediator to Wallace. A friendship develops between the princess and Wallace, which saves Wallace's life more than once, and over time turns into passionate love (Isabelle).
The Scottish nobles play a double game, first and foremost Robert the Bruce. Fearing that his hopes for the Scottish throne would not be fulfilled, he betrayed Wallace to the English (Betrayal and Death). Wallace is captured, tortured and executed. Until his death, the dream of freedom is the defining content of his thoughts.
The music ends again by picking up the mood from the beginning. And the sounds of the Scottish Highlands echo forever.

Quelle/Source: Herbert Marinkovits


Ancient Cultures

Peace and Freedom

Knights and brave men/women
Dream of Freedom, The - click here Dream of Freedom, The (concert/wind band), full score and parts
Dream of Freedom, The - click here Dream of Freedom, The (concert/wind band), full score

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