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Abbreviations/music lexiconAbbreviations/music lexicon
Abbreviation Prt
Catalan (ca) partitura
Czech (cs) partitura
German (de) Partitur
English (en) full score
Spanish (es) partitura
Finnish (fi) partituuri
French (fr) partition
Hungarian (hu) partit˙ra
Italian (it) partitura
Dutch (nl) partituur
Norwegian (no) partitur
Polnish (pl) partytura
Portuguese (pt) partitura
Slovak (sk) partit˙ra
Swedish (sv) partitur
Definition/synonyms musical score

When the separate instrumental and vocal parts of a musical work are printed together, the resulting sheet music is called a score. Conventionally, a score consists of musical notation with each instrumental or vocal part in vertical alignment (meaning that concurrent events in the notation for each part are orthographically arranged). The term score has also been used to refer to sheet music written for only one performer. The distinction between score and part applies when there is more than one part needed for performance.
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