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Abbreviations/music lexiconAbbreviations/music lexicon
Abbreviation EsClr
German (de) Es-Klarinette
English (en) E-flat clarinet
Spanish (es) requinto
French (fr) Petite clarinette en mi bémol
Italian (it) clarinetto piccolo mi b
Dutch (nl) es klarinet
Portuguese (pt) Requinta
Definition/synonyms The E-flat (Eb) clarinet is a member of the clarinet family. It is typically considered the sopranino or piccolo member of the clarinet family. Smaller in size and higher in pitch (by a perfect fourth) than the more common B♭ clarinet, it is a transposing instrument in E♭, sounding a minor third higher than written. In Italian it is sometimes referred to as a terzino and is generally listed in B♭-based scores (including many European band scores) as terzino in Mib,
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